Reigning supreme

With its long history, Towalba sheep have been gracing the show rings for many years. Be it our smaller, local shows which are a vital part of small communities, or the larger state and national shows, Towalba has competed fairly and successfully since the 1980s. Throughout the nation the Towalba sheep are well known for their large frames and impressive wool cuts.

As you can see by comparing these photos many years have gone by since some of our earliest victories up until those of recent times. Towalba has been there for nearly 40 years and is the name you know you can trust. You can expect to see Warick out and about and he and his family look forward to catching up with you at shows and other events.

Queensland State Sheep Show Charleville 2017

Towalba’s consistency of wool cut, wool quality and frame proved a winning combination taking out:

  • Pen of three ewes
  • Pen of three rams
  • Merino Breeders’ Group of three rams and two ewes

2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show

  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Ewe
  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Ram
  • Grand Champion Medium Strong Poll Ram
  • Reserve Grand Champion Medium Strong Wool Poll Ewe
  • Champion August Shorn Strong Wool Ewe
  • Champion August Shorn Strong Wool Ram
  • Champion August Shorn Medium Strong Poll Ram
  • Champion Junior August Shorn Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion August Shorn Merino or Poll Merino Ewe
  • Reserve Champion August Shorn Medium Strong Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion August Shorn Medium Strong Poll Ram
  • Most Successful Exhibitor in Medium Strong Wool Section

Queensland State Sheep Show Blackall 2018

  • Supreme Merino and Supreme Poll Merino
  • Breeders’ Group of three rams and two ewes
  • Pen of three rams

2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show

  • Towalba 3.2
  • Champion August Shorn Merino Ram
  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Ram

2015 Queensland State Sheep Show

  • Towalba 3.2 Grand Champion Merino Ram – son of Towalba 7.23
  • Grand Champion Poll Ewe

2014 Queensland State Sheep Show Barcaldine

  • Supreme exhibit Towalba Duncan – son of Towalba 7.23

2013 Dubbo National Sheep Show and Ram Sale

  • For the second year in a row Towalba has won the Sale Ram Production Class at the 2013 Dubbo National Ram Show and Sale. The ram was sired by Imperial 771.

2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show Success

A grand champion ribbon capped off a successful trip to the 2019 Sydney Show for the Towalba team. Grand championships are not easy to come by and Warick, Barbara, Kayla, Cameron and Neville were very pleased with the result. The grand champion ram is a brother to Capital, who was sold to Argentina for $30,000, and carries the same well nourished, bold crimping, soft, white wool. The sire of both these rams, Malcolm, has been retained and is currently in use in Towalba’s breeding program.
Thanks to Scott and Luke for their help at the show and to our friends for their support along the way. It was also great to be able to catch up with a number of clients while at the show.

  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Poll Merino Ram
  • Champion March Shorn Strong Wool Poll Merino Ram
  • Reserve champion March Shorn Strong Wool Merino Ram
  • Reserve champion August Shorn Strong Wool Merino Ram

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018

  • Reserve Grand Champion Medium Wool Merino Ewe
  • Champion August Shorn Medium Wool Merino Ewe
  • Reserve Junior Champion August Shorn Merino Ewe Reserve Champion Medium Wool Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Junior Poll Ewe
2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show junior champions.
2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show junior champions.

2016 Midstate Merino Premier Hogget Ram

Towalba Horn Ram Tow 5.4 has been awarded the Elders Midstate Merino Premier Hogget Ram for 2016. Tow 5.4 is sired by Tow 7.23 who will be used in our 2019 ET program.

2016 Midstate Merino Premier Hogget Ram.
2016 Midstate Merino Premier Hogget Ram.