A selection of the Prime SAMM stud sires. Part of the 2018 Prime Samm sale team. These robust Towalba Prime SAMMs.


Towalba Prime SAMM Stud was registered in response to demand from potential clients seeking a dual-purpose sheep which could be run in conjunction with their Merino enterprise.

Towalba offers Prime SAMM rams year-round and at the annual on-property sale in September.

For further inquiries or information don’t hesitate to contact Warick who will be happy to help.

The SAMM was developed as a dual-purpose sheep and was originally bred for its adaptability to the South African environment. It was later further developed to produce a heavy slaughter lamb at a young age as well as good quality Merino type wool.

The SAMM has been used as a sire line in four other South African breeds, including the Dohne Merino and Afrino.

The breed was first introduced into Australia in 1996. In 1999 Australian breeders voted to adopt the Prime SAMM name.

Traits which have made the SAMM popular include:

  • High fertility rates
  • Good mothering ability
  • No contamination issues
  • Strong constitution
  • High-yielding carcass
  • Non-selective grazing
  • No mulesing