Our Journey

Stud founders Neville and Mavis Kopp. Cameron and Warick with the Grand Champion Ewe and Ram of the 2018 Peak Hill Show. Warick with the 1999 Supreme Merino Exhibit at the Parkes Show. Warick with stud classer Chris Bowman.

Growing together – creating futures

Towalba Merino Stud, owned and operated by Warick and Barbara Kopp, was founded in April 1981 by Neville and Mavis Kopp.

Nearly 40 years on, Towalba’s core focus has and will remain on the productivity and repeatability of the Towalba genetics when producing these large-framed, heavy-cutting sheep.

Under the sole ownership of Warick and Barbara, along with their children Kayla and Cameron, you can be assured of honesty and integrity as they continue the tradition of delivering quality sheep and excellent service for which Warick and the stud are renowned.

Well-known stud classer Chris Bowman, who has more than 40 years’ experience, remains committed to breeding true to the Towalba type and assisting in producing and improving the type of rams people have come to expect from the Towalba genetics.

“Towalba remains one of only a handful of studs in Australia with the capacity to cut a power of soft bold crimping strong and medium wools on large-framed sheep. They have not wavered from their genetic type and in doing so, provide a wonderful opportunity for growers who now wish to put more wool on their sheep. Most importantly Towalba provides genetic diversity for the industry by maintaining this type. These sheep are “bale fillers” and are in a good position for today’s wool market,” Chris said.

Warick and his family look forward to growing together and creating futures not only for themselves but for their clients and potential clients. Renowned for his easy-going nature, Warick is only too happy to share his time, ideas and passion with anyone interested in the Merino industry whether they are long-time supporters of the industry or looking for a change to become involved with Merinos.


Towalba Merino Stud was registered shortly after the dissolution of a partnership with the Westray Merino Stud. During this time the stud breeding ewes, owned by Westray Stud Sheep Company, were grazed and depastured on Towalba. Upon the dissolution of the partnership Towalba retained half the stud ewes.

Towalba was founded on Wonga and Collinsville bloodlines with the aim of producing large-framed sheep with a bulk of soft-handling medium to strong wool. The first on-property ram sale was conducted on September 26 1981. The stud continued to operate under the direction of Neville and Mavis and sons Warick and Garry prior to Neville choosing to hand the Towalba property and Towalba Merino Stud onto Warick and his family under succession planning.

Renowned Merino industry identity John Coy classed the stud flock with exceptional results achieved from this very successful partnership which continued until John’s passing in 2011.

Wool is a wonderful, natural and sustainable fibre with a very solid future and here at Towalba Merino Stud, the Gateway to Wool Production, you can be assured your future is in the very best of hands.

Sydney Royal Easter Show Grand Champion Fine/Medium Wool Merino Ram.
Sydney Royal Easter Show Grand Champion Fine/Medium Wool Merino Ram.